We would like to thank you for your interest in Construction Industry Training Center LLC (CITC), “The Premier in Construction Training – Where Every Student is Good in Something.”

CITC LLC was founded in 1994

in Los Angeles, CA. CITC LLC  programs not only provide job skill training, we also build character, self-empowerment and self-esteem.  This provides students with interpersonal and strong communication skills they’ll require to succeed on the job, in a career , and in life.  We offer unique training courses and seminars. Courses that provide simple, yet thorough classroom, lab and field studies of the core subject matter, all of which draw from over 45 years of residential, commercial and industrial construction experiences.

CITC provides non-traditional courses in the following studies: General Construction©, Electrical Construction and Installation©, Plumbing, Carpentry, HVAC, General-Specialty, General Maintenance and our forerunner GCA© Home Building Course. All of which offers our graduates an unlimited advantage to apply this knowledge to compete effectively in the job market of their choice. Provide essential knowledge and workmanship, that qualifies its graduates for their career, whether for employment, entrepreneurship, career development or self enhancement. We have a proven track record all across the country and we hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to serve you.

What makes CITC’s GCA© Home Building Course unique and one of a kind?

  • Non-traditional approach
  • Designed for students of all walks of life
  • Simple study methodology
  • Study of the proper ‘whole’ house building process
  • Provide unlimited and unrestricted opportunities
  • No ‘fluff’
  • No failing students – “Every student is good in something”
  • Courses that center on the nature of subject, ethics and character building
  • Study of International, State, Local and Environmental Building Codes
  • Certificate upon Completion
  • Job placement assistance and more….
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We have an excellent track record from people all over the U.S.(California,
Ohio, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia) where 100’s of students successfully completed our course. Here are a few testimonials from some of our GCA Home Building Graduates:

I am a General Contractor but have always felt something was missing. But after taking the GCA © Home Building Course, I feel I am a General Contractor! It not only helped me change the way I do business, it helped change the choices I make in my personal life also.

Sharon Coleman, Coleman Construction
I have been in construction for over 15 years, I have not as of yet found a course with information as in depth with knowledge such as the GCA Course!
Carl D. Dunham, Sr., Natural Wood Fantasy Construction Company

As a result, of the GCA Training, I’ve seen failing high school students become better achieving students at school, housewives gain command of their needed house repairs, as well as young people confidently enter the arena of building and construction for a livelihood!

LaVerne Sci, Historic Site Manager
As a graduate of the GCA Course, I feel this course should not only be for the home builder but for the home buyer as well!
Steven Wills

CITC has educated me in the building and construction industry tremendously, with the full understanding of building codes and requirements and materials. I’m fully equipped to handle the tasks ahead!

Larry Nicholas

By learning the entire building process, my level of confidence has been raised: my viewpoint was broadened, my ability to produce has increased tremendously and I have become more qualified in my profession. This knowledge has aided me in becoming Code Certified!

Mitch Young, Masonry Works, LLC

As a graduate, the services of CITC were put to good use just recently in my bid on a job. The customer said to me that he felt very secure in doing business with me because of my honest approach. These along with other moral values were the keys to feeling confident enough to start my own business.

Oswal Bunbury

I researched a number of construction training programs, they were all a lot more expensive and it seemed to me that none of them were designed to cover the complete building process. I’m convinced that CITC’s program is ahead of the curve!

Taylor Gilchrist
The GCA Course provided by CITC offered so much more than construction rudiments, terminologies and processes. I learned that a true knowledge of building can be used to build anything, including one’s life and relationships. I highly recommend CITC to anyone that is currently in construction, thinking of a career in construction, or that is in any field related to construction!
Isaiah Pettis

Twice during the GCA Course, I have visited new construction sites where homes are being built from Class Three wood and poor attention to details. Homes that I know are priced at a premium but are worth far less and should not have passed inspection!

Timothy Banks

The first thing that comes to mind is WOW! Never in a million years could anyone have told me that I would learn the proper way to build a house in 7 to 10 weeks. In taking the GCA Course, I have gained the confidence and know how to go into business for myself and also correct the mistakes the builders of my house made. Again, I thank you and my family thanks you!

Carl Smith, Jr., Future Builder

I just wanted to drop you a line & tell you how much I thank you for imparting your wisdom to me in the home building course you taught. The knowledge you gave was very enlightening & stimulating. I enjoyed every minute of class. I will take you and this knowledge with me wherever I go, because I have been deeply empowered.

Jimmy Paris

I got much more than I expected in building a house. I learned the whole building process. In going to some construction sites, I saw that the workers who performed the work, were unskilled. In taking the GCA Course, I realized that there is no way I would have gotten this type of knowledge.

Chris Jones

I’m a Flight Attendant & Real Estate Agent & now a Home Builder and my reason for taking the GCA Course is to build a number of houses. I took a number of courses but none like this course. You can take a course on any one specialty, but in this course, I’ve learned the whole building process. I have a finance degree, a real estate license, I’ve taken courses throughout my life, but I must say this is the best course! I’ve learned more in this course than I’ve learned in any other course. This is the best course I’ve ever taken!

Chereda Miller

I’m a Realtor and after taking the GCA Home Building Course, I’m planning to build 250 homes. I’ve set my company up and I’m going to do
bigger and better things. I want to thank CITC because everything I’ve learned has become real.

Bernard Brown