The following steps are designed to help, in your study process and to enhance your ability to smoothly advance, through our on-line GCA © Home Building Course.

  • Observe the instructors coverage of each topic on video
  • Handouts in .pdf format are available under “Resources”
  • A quiz at the end of each subsequent topic
  • A test at the end of both GCA-1 Introduction and Preparation in Construction © and GCA-2 Light and Heavy Construction Fundamentals ©. A passing score of 70% is required.
  • You may review each topic as often is necessary, but no advancement will occur, until the completion of each quiz. Quizzes do not require a passing score, however, some of the quiz questions will also be on the test.
  • In both GCA—1 and GCA-2 Test, a drawing must be sent via .pdf attachment or mail-in and will be a part of your score.
  • Assistance is available by calling in and /or email correspondence. Support will be given to paid enrollees only.
  • Once each test is received, a grade will be made available and upon a 70% or better score, a GCA Home Building Course Certificate will be sent in .pdf format or mailed (your choice).

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